Strategic categorization and SEO are key to attracting app downloads, according to ABI Research

LONDON–(COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Can an independent developer with a nonexistent marketing budget have the most top tier apps in Apple’s ecosystem for three consecutive months? And especially when the average rating of these applications is only 2.9 out of 5? This is the case of independent application developer Michael Quach, who consistently holds the highest number of titles among the best iOS applications tracked by ABI Research. In February 2012, it had an average of 40 titles per country, out of a sample of 5,250 in each country. This sample covered the 250 top-ranked apps in the 21 categories. What can developers learn from Mr. Quach?

According to senior analyst Aapo Markkanen, strategic category placement is an area developers should focus on. “Virtually all of Quach’s applications are aggregations of various tips, anecdotes or images, which are inexpensive to produce but which easily attract the spontaneous curiosity of application browsers,” says Markkanen. “Most of them could be more logically classified under the ‘reference’ or ‘entertainment’ section, but in reality less than 5% are there. Instead, 60% are listed in the “medical” category and 25% in the “books” category, both of which have favorable eye-to-competition ratios. This means that they attract a lot of customers but are not as heavily contested as the most visited categories, like “games” and “entertainment”.

Practice Director Dan Shey continues, “If you publish your app in the right category, with a catchy name, brightly colored icon, and skillful search engine optimization, it can go a long way in attracting downloads. Smart developers also track their performance at a very detailed level and some even use Android as a test bed for their launch and release strategies. A positive side of Google’s liberal submission policy is that one can freely try out which types of choices work and which don’t.

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