OnePlus’ updated Messages app with categorization features now in the Play Store

OnePlus announced today via a blog post that it is bringing its Messages app to the Play Store. The company also announced a redesign of the app that brings message categorization – separating messages into transactional, promotional, and one-time (OTP) passwords, in addition to the standard conversation view. Important messages, such as bank transactions, will also be served in a “concise card format” and the app can offer to automatically archive OTPs to reduce congestion.

Google is also known for working on a redesign of its hugely popular Messages app, bringing similar features aimed at helping users better manage messages and conversations. Such categorization capabilities are not new to messaging apps and have been around in offerings like Microsoft’s SMS Organizer for quite some time. However, for those who prefer proprietary apps, OnePlus’ solution would be a welcome addition.

The option for the app to automatically categorize transaction-related messages and OTPs makes it easier to find the conversations you want and makes it easy to clear or archive unwanted temporary OTPs. The concise information cards will also eliminate the need to search for the most recent messages when it comes to banking transactions.

The OnePlus Messages app will currently be available in the Play Store only for users in India. Although the store listing has been live for a few weeks now, it is only available now for download. Availability is also currently limited to the OnePlus 7 and 7T series of devices. However, the company promises to bring the “stable version” to more devices during the month. It is not clear when these features for the Messages app will be rolled out to other regions.

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