NetSTAR Announces Improvements to WebApp Compass Application Categorization Solution

SAN MATEO, California, May 12, 2021 / PRNewswire / – NetSTAR, the global leader in OEM integrated solutions for web categorization and threat intelligence, today announced the global availability of version 2.0 of their WebApp Compass â„¢ Solution. WebApp Compass version 2.0 offers several enhancements, including information about application operation and extended application coverage.

With the proliferation of Web 2.0 applications, progressive web applications, application security risks, and the continuous introduction of new web applications and services, traditional web filtering solutions are no longer suitable for categorizing applications. Web App Compass approaches the Internet’s ever-changing application landscape from a categorization and threat intelligence perspective. WebApp Compass categorizes thousands of web applications, placing them in one of 150 categories. Our partners use this application information for a variety of use cases, most often for managing network policies.

WebApp Compass version 2.0 introduces support for application operations. For our thousands of web apps, including mobile apps, SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS, we’ve codified app operations. WebApp Compass now returns information to our partners regarding the operations supported by each app – we include 20 different operations such as login / authentication, download, share, financial transactions, etc. Our partners already rely on WebApp Compass to help them enforce network policy by app name, app url, and app category. This new layer of application information enables our partners to adopt and enforce a network policy based on the operational capabilities of the applications.

WebApp Compass version 2.0 also includes extended coverage for hundreds of additional mobile, desktop, and client-agnostic applications in a variety of categories including Business / Productivity, Games, Bypass, and Remote Access / Tunneling. Like all apps covered by WebApp Compass, we provide the app name, app category, app operations, and risk and reputation scores.

WebApp Compass is the most comprehensive web application categorization solution in the OEM space and is trusted by partners around the world including CDN vendors, firewall vendors, CASB companies, and security companies. . These partners deploy the solution via an SDK or a data feed.

Since 2001, NetSTAR has been the world leader in OEM Internet categorization and threat intelligence solutions. With over 260 OEM partners worldwide, NetSTAR has visibility into the Internet traffic of over 1.3 billion endpoints / customers. This visibility, combined with our technology and the expertise of our team, generates first-rate value for our partners.

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