Israel’s categorization of six Palestinian organizations as “terrorist organizations” affirms criminal nature of occupation – says development research center

RAMALLAH, Saturday, October 23, 2021 (WAFA) – The Ramallah-based Bisan Center for Research and Development said in a statement that the announcement by the Israeli occupation government to classify it, along with five other company organizations Palestinian civilians, as “terrorist organizations” affirms the criminal nature of the Israeli occupation.

The announcement comes after concerted efforts in the Israeli occupation’s attempts in a smear campaign led by the Israeli Foreign Ministry to sever ties between these organizations and their international partners. The occupation also targeted and imprisoned the staff of these organizations, and recently forcibly closed the health labor committees and the agricultural labor committee, as well as the break-in and vandalism of the Bisan research and development center while stealing office equipment and files.

These organizations continue to serve their mission within the Palestinian community despite these obstacles and hindrances.

This steadfastness prompted the occupation to step up its measures by labeling these organizations “terrorist organizations”, potentially allowing them to step up their attacks on these organizations, their employees, and work to silence their voices, the statement said.

“Without the complicity of the international community with the continued violations of the occupation against the Palestinian people and the normalization of some Arab countries with the occupation, the Israelis would not have been able to attack continuously and increasingly Palestinians and Palestinian organizations. This statement constitutes a historical irony given that the two Israeli ministers of war and “justice” who made this decision are themselves war criminals like the rest of the current government who are fascists who brag about having murdered Palestinians. These war criminals should be tried before the International Criminal Court. for their crimes against humanity.

This appalling decision comes as a crowning achievement after seven decades of attempts by the occupation state to control the Palestinian people and silence the work of Palestinian civil society institutions that work to defend and protect the human rights of Palestinians, by especially their inalienable right to self-determination, he mentioned.

The Bisan Center reaffirmed the danger of this decision and its imminent repercussions on Palestinian civil society and human rights defenders.

The center called on the international community, including international NGOs and human rights defenders, to: 1- Take firm action to pressure the occupation state to revoke this categorization of the six organizations.

2- The international community, donors, partners and human rights actors affirm their rejection of this decision and prevent these arbitrary categorizations. The international community must continue to stand with the Palestinian people and their just cause.

3- The Palestinian Authority announces concrete measures to protect Palestinian civil society organizations based in what is known as zone “A” under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority.

4- The Ministries of Justice and Interior of the Palestinian Authority should issue a statement confirming the illegality of the decisions of the ministries of the occupation regarding institutions based under Palestinian jurisdictions.

5- Activate and expand popular support around Palestinian civil society institutions, and provide them and their activities with protection in the light of growing repression.

It should be noted that the Bisan Center for Research and Development is an independent, non-partisan center that is not affiliated with any political entity. Bisan was established in 1989 at the height of the first Intifada by a group of progressives and Palestinian academics to seek models of development that help strengthen the capacities of the Palestinian people to free themselves from occupation, or as the center called it “constitutional development.” Since its inception, it has strived to be an open critical voice against all practices that violate the rights of the Palestinian people to dignity, freedom and self-determination, with a priority for the poor and marginalized of the Palestinian people, and an absolute conviction that freedom and rights are indivisible.


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