How a Virtual Library Card Can Be Handy This School Year

The Orange County Library System partners with public, private, and charter schools in Orange County to provide elementary, middle, and high school students and educators with virtual library access, with the goal of to remove barriers and help level the playing field to make it easy for students to study and learn.

Schedules are busy and time is short, so frequent visits to the library may not be possible, but students and educators often still need the resources that a library can provide.

Fortunately, there is a good solution.

With a free virtual library card, Orange County Public School students and teachers have access to many helpful resources.

Orange County Library System offers virtual library cards to help students receive the resources needed for their studies or simply for everyday life.

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Here are some of the benefits of a virtual library card:

  • Tutoring, homework help and exam preparation

  • Access to e-books, articles and databases

  • Language learning programs

  • Orange County Schools Literacy Activities and Reading Lists

  • Math and science support

  • Podcasts on a myriad of relevant topics

  • Virtual courses with career exploration opportunities

  • Continuous music

This access does not verify library materials in physical collections, however, students are encouraged to apply for a standard library card in order to take advantage of all the services of the Orange County Library System.

In addition to the knowledge gift, anyone who signs up for a full library access pass during the month of September will receive a free gift from OCLS, while supplies last.

Visit this website for more information on how to access the virtual library card and explore all its offers.

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