Google Messages SMS categorization feature could be rolled out soon

Google is testing a wider rollout of SMS categorization in the Google Messages app. The feature will automatically categorize messages based on their content into various categories including Personal, Transactions, OTP, Offers, etc. The company had started testing the categorization of text messages in the Messages app in late September.

As reported by Android Police, Google will also allow users to completely disable the feature and reclassify messages as well. There is also an option to share messages with Google to improve the categorization function. For some users however, while the buttons appear in the Messages app, tapping on one of the categories doesn’t seem to do anything.

According to the posts on Twitter, Google is testing this feature with a wider audience, although it’s still not a public rollout. Still, it should only be a matter of time before Google rolls out SMS categorization in the Messages app for all Android users.

Categorizing SMS into messaging apps is nothing new, as many third-party messaging apps already offer this feature, including Microsoft’s excellent SMS Organizer.

Source: Android Police

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