Google Messages can now ask for SMS “donations” to improve its categorization feature

A small price to pay for a cleaner inbox

Google Messages started testing Categories over a year ago in India, recently expanding the feature to new regions. Being a one-stop destination for regular communications, OTP pins, and promotional messages, the app quickly became cluttered, so categorization became a necessity. The feature uses artificial intelligence algorithms to identify which post belongs to which category, which requires training with huge amounts of data to become more accurate. To speed up this process, Google recently started soliciting message “donations” from users.

If you are invited to participate, you will now see a new prompt at the top of your screen to donate messages to Google to improve the app’s sorting process. Participation is optional, of course, which means you can always decline the offer if you don’t feel comfortable with it.


Those bold enough to accept it will be taken to a page where you can select which messages to send to Google. The app focuses on promotional and commercial text messages, all of which are selected to be sent by default. If a specific entry contains sensitive information, you can deselect it from your list. Google also hides phone numbers and links before submission to ensure that any information related to you doesn’t reach places you don’t want it to.

Fortunately, there is also a compromise solution, in case you really want to help Google in its quest for data without risking yours. You can manually censor your own messages, editing elements of each element before sending them. When everything looks good, you can just hit the confirm button to know that your submission is yet another step to seeing better organization in posts one day. application.

The new prompt only appears for certain users, so you won’t necessarily see it the next time you open Google Messages. Remember that this is a completely optional request – you are under no obligation to submit any data.

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