DC has a new categorization for its most powerful heroes: Mega-Power

As the Justice League explores the omniverse, DC Comics introduces a new term, calling its strongest heroes and villains Mega-Powers.

Warning: spoilers ahead for Justice League # 61!

In the latest issue of DC Comics’ Justice League, a new power rating for heroes has just been unveiled. Following the recent addition of the League Naomi McDuffie in their ranks, Batman seems to believe that the mighty young hero is what he calls a “mega-power”. This is a new tag that has never been referenced before in DC Comics and can be connected to Naomi’s origins as well as a connection to DC. Infinite border, a new era of comedic continuity that has just begun in the DC Universe.

In the latest issues of Justice League From writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist David Marquez, the League has had to contend with forays from the interdimensional villain known as Brutus. They soon find out that he is from the same alternate universe as Naomi, which is why they recruited her to join their team. On Naomi’s Earth, the disturbance of the ozone layer caused an unknown source of radiation to leak to the surface of the planet, allowing 29 individuals to acquire extremely powerful superpowers. While some wanted to rule with their newfound divine power, others tried to stop them, and the resulting war resulted in the deaths of 14 of them. In addition, 7 left the planet afterwards, leaving only 8 remaining on this alternate Earth. When Naomi was born to her two overpowered parents, the black tyrant Zumbado attempted to kill her. This prompted them to send Naomi to Prime Earth just before Zumbado killed them in retaliation.

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Now, Justice League # 61 sees Naomi return with the League to her homeworld, which has become an apocalyptic wasteland. However, Alternate Earth generates some interesting reactions from League members such as Black Canary and Hawkgirl who amplify their superpowers, while Superman completely loses control of his heat vision. In Naomi’s case, it appears that more elements of her energetic powers are manifesting, and Batman confirms to Superman that he believes her to be a “mega-power”, a new term in the DC Universe that seemingly indicates Naomi’s potential to be a major, hard-hitting hero.


Considering Naomi’s background with her homeworld, it seems the power she inherited was just as powerful as the abilities of her parents and those of the 29, which were almost divine. Maybe that’s what classifies her as a “mega-power?” The term also appears on the issue’s catch-up page – which designates it as “a new mega-power named Naomi McDuffie” – as well as the solicitation information for the previous one Justice League # 60. Catch-up also identifies Brutus as a mega-power, so it’s possible that the term is used for the heroes and villains of Naomi’s reality, but given the way Batman uses him and the fact that Brutus has become So far shown to be stronger than Superman, it’s also likely an indication of sheer power than something more technical.

Cleary, being a mega-power seems like a higher level than being overpowered in the DC Universe, considering how Brutus is able to take on Superman and Black Adam. While Naomi and Brutus are the only DC characters so far to have received the rating, it would be interesting to know if there are any Prime Earth heroes who could be considered mega-powers as well. It certainly looks like the new tag is similar to Marvel’s omega-level title for its mutants, a classification given to mutants that are most powerful and / or most suited to a certain type of ability compared to other mutants. In any case, megapowers certainly seem to be a big part of Infinite border go ahead as Justice League explore whole new dimensions in the new DC Omniverse.

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