Cyprus publishes new categorization of countries based on COVID-19 situation

Cypriot authorities have classified European countries according to their epidemiological situation with the aim of stopping the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in their country.

The reassessment was carried out by the Infectious Disease Surveillance and Control Unit of the Medical Services and Public Health Services, regarding the COVID-19 disease, reports

According to this report, “the assessment was based on countries’ epidemiological indicators, such as actual reproduction number R

The categorization of countries can be changed at any time, depending on the Coronavirus situation.

Category A includes low risk countries such as Austria, Germany, Denmark, Greece, Estonia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland. Schengen zone countries, including Switzerland, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway and third countries Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea.

Citizens coming from countries listed in category A, are not required to be tested for the coronavirus, nor to go through a mandatory two-week quarantine.

Category B lists countries with possibly low risk “but greater uncertainty compared to category A” such as Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Italy, Croatia, Luxembourg, the Netherlands , Romania, the Czech Republic.

Countries like Andorra, Monaco, Vatican City, San Marino and third countries: Australia, Georgia and Uruguay, are also listed in category B.

Passengers from Category B countries falling into the following categories may undergo a medical examination upon arrival in Cyprus, including Cypriot citizens permanently residing in the Republic, their foreign spouses and minor children and all legal residents of the Republic of Cyprus. Republic.

People in this category should be placed in home quarantine until the COVID-19 test result is released.

In category C – Included are countries at increased risk, compared to categories A and B, such as Portugal, Sweden, United Kingdom and Serbia.

People from category C will only be able to enter under certain conditions. They will also have to choose whether they wish to undergo a diagnostic test for coronavirus disease upon arrival in Cyprus or present a Covid-19 RT-PCR certificate with a negative result, dated within 72 hours.

Last month, Cyprus announced that it had opened its doors to nationals of various countries.

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