Chop-e electric 2-wheeler defies easy categorization

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DUBLIN, Ireland – Is it a bike?A scooter?A motorbike?

The Chop-e electric two-wheeler that was shown during the Web Summit here, is an unusual duck whose classification “depends upon the nation” and its rules according to Dmitri Kvaltsuk one of three Estonian designers for the car.

In Estonia For instance, in Estonia the low lathe may be treated like an ordinary bicycle.Scooters are, however typically require taillights, headlights, turn signals, and mirrors that make a significant difference to the complexity and cost of the item.“This is why we make an effort to comply with the laws of bikes,” said Kovaltsuk.

The Chope priced costing EUR $3500 (PS $2700) which is equivalent to $ 4,400, is priced too high for a large portion of consumers but it provides an unpretentious and positive outlook on transportation.

The group of creators, which includes an accountant, a printer, and a vendor of mobile phone services began the project in April. They plan to raise funds through Kickstarter within three weeks, to cover the larger-scale manufacturing process, Kovaltsuk said.

It’s a bicycle ?A scooter?Explore the electronic Chop-e (photos)

This effort demonstrates what’s possible in the current entrepreneurial world.It’s not easy to start a business however, being able to connect with a worldwide audience via crowdfunding campaigns could break through the traditional barriers to business.

The Chop-e has its motor inside the wheel in front.The battery is surrounded by a massive rear wheel, similar to that which is used on motorcycles today.The electric motor propels the Chop-e up to 35 km / per hour (22 miles per hour) with an estimated range of 75 kilometers (47 miles) Kovaltsuk stated.It takes around 3.5 minutes to recharge the battery.

The bike weighs 60 kilograms (132 pounds).However, the transition between the frame made of steel in the prototype to the aluminum frame frames of production versions will aid in reducing that weight to 50 kilograms (110 kilograms).

While it’s still unclear when Chop-e will be on the market The two-wheeler has found an area to flourish: the Web Summit, where a environment of respect and respect for those who dare to establish their own.Own company.

On Kickstarter the crowdfunding platform, pre-orders are expected to begin within three weeks.Shipping to European customers will be scheduled for March and to US customers in May.

The slogan of the company: “Be the coolest guy around the block.”Kovaltsuk takes his bike to work.

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