Challenge categorization

People often ask me the question: do I have two Twitter addresses: one for business, one for individuals? And the authors I know, experts in innovation, then want to write two different books: one for women who allow themselves, and the other on models of innovation.

We keep these things separate – personnel matters and company personnel. And yet I wonder, does this really bring us all? Will it maximize value creation?

It seems to me that the best movies are not separate categories, like romantics or dramas. The best films are mixtures of two different categories; they are transgender. Romantic comedy; As, Harry met Sally. Political novels, like The american president. Comedy and Action; As, Die hard. Then there are some that have 3 main categories like GI Jane which combines war, drama, romance. Star wars is an ultimate blend of several genres. Obviously it’s sci-fi / fantasy, but it’s also romance, comedy, drama, adventure. I think you would probably call it a classic and let it defy classification! One of my favorite movies of all time, the entirety Godfather trilogy, is a combination of stories mixing history, romance, action and family.

And maybe there is a lesson for all of us here…. perhaps the best completely defies categorization. (What is It’s a wonderful life“? I have no idea but I know I appreciate it for what it is.)

Maybe we are all better off coming to terms with our integrated yet complex selves.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Scott Adams’ failures that contributed to his successes. It was the to mix together of its 4 categories that it is him. He said he had negligible artistic talent, basic writing skills, an ordinary sense of humor, and business background. Mixed together, they are him. It defies categorization. He allows himself to be unique, different, and this allows him to create a certain value.

What are your categories? Are you a fashionista, a marketing maven who is a fabulous trend? Or are you a sarcastic person who can draw and do stuff on the web? Or maybe you are a prophetic voice combined with an insight into the human psyche combined with a sense of humor?

What kind of value could you create by challenging categorization?

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