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The categorization of Big little lies limited edition one, well, big little lie?

On Friday, HBO announced that it will be bringing back the hit series – which won eight Emmy Awards in September, all in limited series or movie categories, including Best Limited Series – for a seven-episode second season that will feature the same characters, played by the same actors, with a continuous storyline. In other words, it wasn’t a limited series, after all.

Hollywood journalist may signal that the contestants are furious, especially in light of the fact that HBO has waited to announce this news – perhaps not coincidentally – until the vote for the Critics’ Choice Awards nominations closes (Big little lies won five, including Best Limited Series) and Golden Globe Awards names (voting ended Thursday, and the names will be announced on December 11, with Big little lies expected to enter all categories of the miniseries) and just before the voting for the SAG Awards nominations closes (December 10).

If the voters had known that Big little lies was not, in fact, a limit series, but rather a regular series, would they still have voted for? We’ll never know. But it’s a question that just might harass supporters of any limited series. does not have clinch a name for Best Critics’ Choice Limited Series and not earn Golden Globe or SAG names in their corresponding categories.

On Friday night, the Producers Guild of America responded to the controversy with a letter to members clarifying the issue, saying it would “reset the vote” for its television nomination ballot. In view of the announcement of a second season of Big little lies, the PGA decided it was more “fair” to put the show in the episodic drama category “for which it is now qualified” and to “restart the vote”.

The full letter to PGA members is below.

Dear PGA Member:

New information has emerged today that requires us to redefine the vote for the nomination ballot on television.

At the time of the release of the ballots, the HBO series Big little lies qualified for the Guild’s Long Term Programs category. However, with today’s announcement that HBO has ordered a second season of the series with the main characters continuing into the second season, the series is no longer. qualifies within this category. In accordance with our rules, we have determined that the fairest course of action is to adjust the ballots – place Big little lies in the Episodic Drama category he is now qualified for – and start voting again.

We apologize for the inconvenience to those of you who have already voted. Please take a moment to vote again, as all TV ballots submitted to date for the Producers Guild Awards 2018 have been canceled.

The original voting information and your new voting link are listed below.


PGA Awards Administrator

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