Aggregate categorization of Salmonella in establishments of raw chicken cuts, NRTE ground poultry, young chicken carcass and young turkey carcass using movable windows

Reporting period for this data: December 29, 2019 to December 26, 2020

  • The summary information is intended to provide industry and other stakeholders with timely updates on progress made in reducing contamination in poultry.
  • Only establishments in which the minimum number of samples was analyzed or the maximum number of positives was exceeded in one or more completed sliding windows are included in these aggregated categories and totals.
  • Establishments that produce 1,000 lbs. or less of each product per day, or the slaughter of 20,000 head or less of each species per year, are not included.
  • Differences in the total number of establishments listed for Salmonella in the aggregated tables are due to establishments that did not have enough samples for a specific pathogen to be categorized in a sliding window.
  • Category definitions and contact details are presented after the tables.

NOTE: On August 27, 2018, as announced in the Constituents Update, FSIS began testing all raw poultry samples using the enrichment method to detect Campylobacter and ceased to assess whether establishments meet the Campylobacter performance standards. FSIS will continue to share Campylobacter sampling results directly from establishments using existing mechanisms, but has temporarily stopped publishing aggregate category results on the FSIS website until sufficient data is generated with the new method and the new Campylobacter performance standards are in place.

  • Category 1: Establishments that have achieved 50% or less of the maximum allowed percentage of positive results during the last completed 52-week rolling window.
  • Category 2: Establishments that achieve the maximum allowed positive percentage, but whose results are greater than 50 percent of the maximum allowed positive percentage during the last completed 52-week rolling window.
  • Category 3: Establishments that have exceeded the maximum allowed percentage of positive results during the last completed 52-week rolling window.

N / A: FSIS did not collect or analyze the minimum number of samples to categorize the establishment and the establishment did not exceed the maximum number of positives allowed by the standard.

Refer questions regarding the posted category status of an individual establishment to Risk and Innovation Management (RMIS) staff through askFSIS using the product field “General Inspection Policy” in the drop-down menu, and the “Sampling – Salmonella»Category field, or by phone at 1-800-233-3935.

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