“Afrobeats is not a genre but a categorization”

Animation of Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Source: Nana Yaw Wiredu, Contributor


Lawrence Nana Asiamha popularly known as the Bulldog

The latest episode of Hot Palaver hosted by DJ Mac on KYS FM took a deep dive into the life of acclaimed Ghanaian artist, Lawrence Nana Asiamha, known as The Bulldog.

According to Bulldog, due to his vast experience and understanding of the music industry, he sees Afrobeats more as a categorization than a musical genre, as most people think.

Explaining his opinion, Bulldog said: “I keep saying that Afrobeats is not a genre but a categorization, as it is an African rhythm, like the sounds of Accra, no musician in Africa can. enter the Grammys because there is no category in the Grammys for Afrobeats, his world music… ”

Further emphasizing: “But for me, Afrobeats can never be a genre as it is a collection of different genres from Africa.”

This Bulldog view supports a similar position shared by Shatta Wale, who suggested in her State of the Industry address a few weeks ago that Ghanaian music needs an identity.

While most people have come to Shatta Wale not to recognize Highlife as the identified Ghanaian genre, Bulldog believes it was just a bugle call from the artist.

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